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ZSR ZSR 7.62x51 147gr M80 ball 20rd box Free shipping over $250

Product Code : 8683262441082

$0.75 per round

Mfg Item #: zsr22f030-001


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The big question is: Is this ammo magnetic? No sir! Its 147 grain FMJ bullet’s core is made of lead-antimony alloy, and its jacket is made of tombac (a copper-zinc alloy we Americans commonly refer to as “gilding metal”). None of those metals can attract a magnet, so this ammo gives you a green light to patronize any ranges you please.

We have not yet ascertained this ammo’s muzzle velocity, although it’s reasonable to assume it’s close to 2,800 fps. The FMJ bullet doesn’t offer the terminal ballistics you’d want for deer hunting, although it’s powerful enough in its own right to snip a hog’s cervical spine in half or halt a human-sized theat.

ZSR loads the same kinds of components as American manufacturers: brass cases, non-corrosive Boxer primers and clean-burning double base powder

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